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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust


Values and Ethos

A vision and ethos deeply rooted at the heart of the Trust fosters in all pupils both a culture and mind-set of belonging, self-worth, higher aspirations and an intellect of independence; this alongside the self-belief that there are no limits to what each child can accomplish.

‘Placing children’s’ rights at the heart of all we undertake.’

This statement is at the heart of the Fierté narrative. We strive to ensure that our community can realise its true potential through placing our children’s needs and rights at the centre of every decision we make. This is our mission. To that end, we bestow the experiences, resources, structures and systems to enable all to engage, all to progress, all to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is intrinsic and visible within every academy within the Trust and through the extensive opportunities that our Multi-Academy Trust offers.

At the heart of our Trust are the values and articles of the UN Convention on Child Rights and the principles underpinning Building Learning Power. Through these, we aim to put children’s rights and learning at the heart of our schools. We work together to embed children’s rights into our ethos and culture; to improve well-being and develop every child’s talents and abilities maximising their full potential. We aspire to give children a sense of pride and achievement in all that they undertake; this extends into the community and the links with the Trust.

As a Trust we uphold our core values of respect, integrity, humility with equality and care towards all.