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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust


Strategic Plan

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan has been drawn up with the support and engagement of our staff, Trustees and Governors. Our planning reflects the recent expansion of our Trust and our strategy for future growth. It confirms our central commitment to helping our children, staff and communities achieve excellence. Separate School Improvement Plans and budgets are prepared for each school constructed under the strategic objectives outlined in the plan.

The strategic plan period will see further growth and therefore our strategy will be key to ensure we consolidate on our strengths, embed our expectations of excellence and keep a relentless focus on achieving our vision of ‘Inspiring all to excellence’. The plan provides the strategic focus to ensure we are able to support our schools to achieve more together than they could have done individually. Providing the clarity of focus and the associated resource and support across our key strategic priorities to ensure we achieve our vision.

We look forward to working with all our schools, our staff and our stakeholders and communities to bring this vision to life, ultimately ensuring our children are inspired and supported to achieve excellence.

Our People

As a result of investing in our people, all will have a clear sense of purpose, an appreciation of each individual’s unique contribution to the Trust and a strong sense of belonging recognizing that the Trust exists to deliver the highest standards of education.  

By July 2022, all staff will be able to identify the standards of excellence that pertain to their role, the professional development they have had to support them to reach these and the next steps they will be undertaking.   


By July 2020, the Trust will have clarity regarding what excellence looks like across all aspects; it will have designed and will be implementing provision and strategies to secure excellence for all children across all areas.  

Maximise opportunities for collaboration ensuring the sharing and synthesis of effective practice in all disciplines.

Growth and development

By April 2020, to have devised a revised growth plan setting out the infrastructure and capacity required to ensure existing academies continue to flourish and those joining are able to benefit from the opportunities the Trust provides.  

To enact the plan adapting processes and procedures so the Trust remains sustainable and is an organization of first choice for schools opting to academise and for the ESFA for schools requiring a sponsor and for local Free Schools.


To transform the emotional health and wellbeing of children and staff so Fierté is identified as a centre of excellence, a leading organization recognized both locally and nationally for securing excellent outcomes against a suitable research-informed measurement framework by July 2021.