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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust


About Us

The Fierté Multi-Academy Trust was established in October 2014.  Working together collaboratively with the schools in the Trust enables us to develop close-knit professional collaboration that enables us to offer expertise, advice and guidance to improve outcomes for all pupils. We believe that each school in our Trust will maintain their individual and unique identity but benefit from the school to school support and collaboration networks that we are developing.

At Fierté Multi-Academy Trust we aim to prepare our students to become good citizens of the future. Through our curriculum, we teach pupils British Values and how to celebrate diversity.   We aim to raise their awareness of radicalisation and extremist views, whatever the source.   We have adopted the principles and advice found in 'Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021' and the 2011 'Prevent Strategy'.  These are incorporated into our Trust policy on tackling extremism.



Values and Ethos

As a group of schools, we believe passionately in the power of working as one entity; advancing education for the public benefit with a shared moral and legal purpose. We wholeheartedly commit to supporting our local communities to thrive by maximising every opportunity for learning and care and ultimately to achieve our vision: 

Inspiring all to excellence

To deliver our vision we essentially focus on four key areas: 

  1. Our people – investment in our people in all areas and across all stages creating strong Trust people proposition for our children, staff and stakeholders.
  2. Excellence – we support excellence with a systematic focus on continuous school improvement
  3. Growth and development – sustainable growth of the Trust, ensuring strong governance, financial and operational infrastructure to support Trust growth with clear and effective communication and engagement across all schools.
  4. Wellbeing – we create develop self-belief, mental and physical well-being and aspiration of our children, staff and communities.

Our values are the thread that drive excellence and create the culture in which we can all excel.

Our values are: We are brave; we care; we celebrate individuality and we leave no one behind.



Strategic Plan

Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan has been drawn up with the support and engagement of our staff, Trustees and Governors. A copy can be found below.

Our planning reflects the recent expansion of our Trust and our strategy for future growth. It confirms our central commitment to helping our children, staff and communities achieve excellence. Separate School Improvement Plans and budgets are prepared for each school constructed under the strategic objectives outlined in the plan.

The strategic plan period will see further growth and therefore our strategy will be key to ensure we consolidate on our strengths, embed our expectations of excellence and keep a relentless focus on achieving our vision of ‘Inspiring all to excellence’. The plan provides the strategic focus to ensure we are able to support our schools to achieve more together than they could have done individually. Providing the clarity of focus and the associated resource and support across our key strategic priorities to ensure we achieve our vision.

We look forward to working with all our schools, our staff and our stakeholders and communities to bring this vision to life, ultimately ensuring our children are inspired and supported to achieve excellence.