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Inspiring all to excellence


Having been established in 2014 by a stand-alone academy, the Trust continues to fulfil its ambition for sustained growth and currently is a family of nine academies. Our strength is our community; our collective goals, the harnessing of shared values, principles, and an ethos of unwavering expectation for all those who have subsequently joined.

The Trust connects the local academy communities between Tamworth and Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire. Contexts across academies vary and include small, infant, junior and nursery settings. A Free School Presumption in Tamworth, the first for forty years, was opened in 2021 with an additional free school opening in 2024. The diversity of each individual setting supports all professionals collectively to draw upon the expertise and best practice from early foundations upwards. This, reinforced by the appropriate infrastructures (school improvement, finance and operations, workforce and administrative and governance and leadership) required to ensure that as the Trust has expanded that systems and processes from human resources to estates management in turn allows the highest outcomes for pupils.

The Trust was approved as an academy sponsor in 2018 and continues to collaborate and strengthen partnerships external to the Trust in other districts. Working as strategic partners with other local Trusts, professional accredited bodies for staff development and other bespoke training alliances are intrinsic to the Trusts strategic commitment to fostering excellence in its people.

A commitment to remaining a primary educational specialist remains a key strategic objective.